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As part of the on-going "urban renewal" project in Motorburg, USA, I am fortunate not only to be able to play a major role in this community (featuring Associate Artists like Ralph Burch, C.Cruz, Darrell Mayabb, Charlie Smith, Jimmy Smith, myself, Thom Taylor and Greg Tedder!!), but to have been given the reigns on the new site.
I've opted for a content management system-driven layout, re-working the existing pages and style sheets to create a dynamic, interactive site and community platform that ties in social networks, blogs and forums as a cohesive, magazine-like package.
Check it out, and then contact me to get started on your new website or social network today!
  juxtaposed machines    
Juxtaposed Machines

Speaking of the photographic genius of Josh Mishler, have a peek at his site! We're slowly addidng to it and makiing changes between Josh's hectic shoot schedule, but it's loaded wih killer pics, and you can also purchase prints of his incredible work, as well!
  j2 speed and custom    
J2 Speed and Custom

The bad boys of Omaha asked for a clean and simple site that they could take the reigns on and update as they crank out killer rides... Needlesss to say, I was happy to oblige with galleries, an updatable blogging/news area, and soon, an online shop to serve you.
  hot brod    
HotBrod Apparel

It's always fun to work with local clients, and this was no exception. When the pair of gals behhind HotBrod Apparel gave me a shout, I was in. As a part of the local hot rod network in Phoenix, I was stoked to build a site that showcases cool apparel for hot rodding gals, with design work my Mike Miernik and the fantastic Jimmy Smith. With a full online shop, and soon-to-be-uploaded galleries of event photos and videos, it's shaping up to be another hot stop in your web-surfing day.
  m and m    
M&M Hot Rod Interiors

When Pam and Wayne were looking to create a new site for their shop, M&M Hot Rod Interiors, I was fortunate to have gotten the shout to lay it out and code the whole deal.
Not only are they great friends, but the dynamic duo crank out some absolutely beautiful, detailed hot rod and custom car interiors. Just looking through the great photos for their online galleries was a trip, and laying out all of the killer magazine coverage was a blast as well!
The site is fairly straightforward HTML, with a few scripting tricks in the photo galleries and blog, and will see an online store in the near future. Check it out, and enjoy the great photos, many of them Great 8 finalists at the Detroit Autrama.
  eye kandy    
Recovery Room

Designed for Tracy and his shop, Recovery Room Hot Rod Interiors. Full galleries loaded with the photographic genius of Josh Mishler make this quite possibly the highest quality visual site of its kind for custom interior work.
Online store coming soon as part of the site's ongoing growth.
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