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Shoebox Pin-Up
get tickled pink

Something for your wall.

A pinup, that is.

What began as a doodle from back in 2007 found its way into the pre-game warm-up batting order, and got a facelift (the car and the lady) over a few mornings.

A slick and simple drawing that’s built for business, with just the right parts in the right places (aside from her left thumb... made you look!) to be a fun ride. That ‘50 has the wheels and stance to be mild, but still make you question bringing her home to Mom, considering that magenta coat she’s wearing.

Anyway, have a cheap shot, almost-profile view of a car and a scantily-clad girl

Help to feed the artist buy scooping up a dozen or so of these. They make great gifts. Seriously.

80 lb. coated cover stock
Bold colors
Absolutely stunning finish
Signed by the artist upon request
please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time

(logo/watermark DOES NOT appear on print)

$10.00/ea FREE shipping!
  shoebox pin-up print by PCK Studio
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