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Giving a little back to those who gave so much.
an all-american hero 9.30.2011
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The opportunity to give a little back.

Having the good fortune to have made some incredible friends over the years is one of those things I'm thankful for every day. Nothing compares to being able to call on the most skilled builders in the industry as a friend, or simply ask for an opinion or advice when designing...

Occasionally, they call and do likewise. Case in point:

Tim Strange gave a shout some time back, and had asked if I'd help out on a Mustang build for his show Search and Restore. I was in, no further questions asked. I was determined to make the time.

  1967 mustang reveal
From the Search and Restore site:

Paul Kahler made a life-changing decision after the 9/11 tragedy. He enlisted in the US Army. And of all the jobs he qualified for, he made a promise to his 5 year old son to avoid combat duty.

So Paul became an Army cook. While serving in the Iraq War, Kahler couldnít avoid harmís way. While delivering ice to troops, Paulís convoy was hit with an RPG. He sustained injuries to his face and neck earning him the Purple Heart.

After his discharge, he took a job with the Colorado National Guard, and is furthering his education by taking night courses to get his certificate in family counseling. Tim Strange and the team found Sgt. Kahler to be a perfect candidate to fix up his broken down 1967 Mustang Coupe, reuniting an American hero, with his classic all-American dream car.

A chance to honor a man who believed in his country, and left his job and family to serve? Amazing. I sat with Tim, and we threw ideas around, and sketched the initial car, working in products from sponsors as they joined... I've worked with Tim on a number of projects over the years, and it's always a blast, but this one, well... it had a different vibe. There was an underlying need for it to be just a bit more special. I threw my guts into it, and we came up with this:

mustang renering on canvas

...and HUGE thanks to Tim for some on-screen love during the build, utilizing the artwork as a guide for paint layout:

paint scheme drawing

The build was VERY involved, with the car having sustained some major damage over the years, but again, having a skilled build team on deck made the daunting task seem like just another day.

mustang paint booth

Once we had things where we wanted them, I set out to complete the artwork while the build team attacked the manual labor. Tim rounded up an all-star team, including Steve Mank, Brad Fanshaw (of Bonspeed Wheels), Johnny McLeod (of Classic Instruments), Jeff Dunnam, Mitch Henderson, Kenny Murphy, Rob Wechsler, David Neal, Bill Holden, Jamey Jordan, Zach Booth, and some huge help from the team at WyoTech... and these guys poured everything they had into making this one great pony car.

Here's the lucky owner receiving the rendering on canvas, signed by the build team:

revealing the mustang

You can catch parts three and four this weekend (Saturday, October 1, with replays on Sunday, October 2nd) on Spike TV at 12/e on the Powerblock! If you've missed the first two parts, have no fear, they're online here:!

HUGE thanks once again to Tim and the Search and Restore family for the offer to be a part of this, and our respect, thanks and gratitude to Mr. Kahler for his sacrifice and service. Tune in, and give the man a few moments of your Saturday to enjoy the experience of one man receiving something in return for all that he does....


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