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new work 2.1.2011
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Some stuff we've slapped together recently .

"Yeah, yeah, it's been a while" was Brian's reply to the grand question of the day, regarding the somewhat neglected newsletter. We apologize for the delay, but things have been crazy as all get-out here, and, well, to be frank, time just hasn't been our best pal.

There's been drama, health set-backs, and trials of day-to-day life, and sadly, some things just need to take a back seat every now and then. We do, however, hope that you've had a great start to 2011, and that your Holidays were nothing short of spectacular.

We'll get into all the details later, but for now, have a sneaky-peek at some of Brian's latest work... He's blown the whole "analog drawing" thing wide open again, and refined his style and technique in another of his artsy-fartsy "growth period" things. It's certainly fresh, and exciting to see him at it like this again, and we're all looking forward to seeing cut-rate rip-off's popping up soon. Always entertaining indeed.

  drawing cars
Between the hum of the compressor, the whine of the pencil sharpener, and the blasting of the Tragically Hip pouring from the studio, the boy is back in form with a vengeance.

The piece above is for our good friend Sam, who recently scooped up Delmo's '65, with huge plans for the tremendously well-built and mega-charismatic truck. Brian's masking and splatter do-dad's are just fun to look at up close:

drawing detail

And, don't tell, but here's a sneak peek at an almost-finished piece that's a tour de force of neat-o-ness:

50 chevy

And a personal favorite that features some of his most energetic sketching in a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time:


Brian also nailed a few Christmas pieces out... There were a number of orders this year for gift portraits, and this Chevelle above was one of my favorites, as Brian has always enjoyed giving a drawing extra life in the background, and this high-desert piece just glows with energy.


Robbie over at Pacific Coast Customs wanted to go with some extra color on his tees, and we obliged by reworking our earlier one-color design, and getting things looking a bit more lively:

t-shirt design

He should have these, as well as hats on deck in Pomona and Sacto (he's the featured builder this year at the AutoRama, so check it out, and drop by to say "wow, what crappy tees you have, man!", then buy a dozen out of guilt).

Speaking of Robbie, he also asked us to whip up a new business card for him, and we took the surf theme and paddled out:

business card design's another of those fun, super-detailed pieces, too:

logo close-up

Give us a shout, and we'll knock your project out of the park, as well. From tees to cards, renderings to marketing materials, we can help you stand out. Hit us up here in the mighty Studio, and we'll get you on the schedule!


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