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From ideation to conceptual and technical sketches to full-on project management, we have you covered Whether you need a rendering to share your vision with a shop or sponsor, or simply want a portrait of your ride, we can do it all Logos to t-shirts, flyers and postcards to show signs and hero cards to magazine ads and websites, we do that
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Check out my work here. Renderings, apparel & packaging designs, logos and more... Hear Brian and the rest of the Gearheads every Friday on a fresh episode of the Round Six Podcast... Go deep into the artwork, get sneak peeks of projects and follow along with us every day on IG!
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  Automotive artwork illustrated by Hot Rod Designer Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms Studio   t-shirt art by Del Swanson commemorating the Challenger one-n-done build   automotive artwork by automotive artist and designer Brian Stupski   tiki print by Automotive Artist and Hot Rod Designer Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms Studio  
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Project Carssupercharged 2016 diodge challenger
Project Emanön Sponsored in Part By
Check out the build video on the Stories N' Steel YouTube Channel
Choice Picks From the Blog
    Dino's Chevy Only Git-Down artwork created by Brian Stupski
A Model Box Design
...two years in a row we created the talk of the SEMA Show floor.
Watch the reveal right here
September 21
Dino's Git-Down
...crafting the artwork for the eleventh time, things go bananas.
Get a closer look at the illustration
August 21
Project NoName Challenger one-n-done Stories N' Steel episode four on Amazon Prime Video     the Round Six Podcast Experience at the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show
Pink 'Birds and Rap
...a Pro-Street legend, an Indy Car and a Super Bowl commercial.
We pop in for a vist with Matt Hay
February 21
The Experience
...a two-week thrash yields an unforgettable series of episodes.
Designing a show booth
February 19
Automotive Artist Brian Stupski shows his vector illustration technique on the Hot Rod Power Tour magnets     design management mentoring advice
Artistic Magnetism
...a look into what it takes to create the artwork from start to finish.
Go behind the scenes
June 19
Career Design
...lay out your design career arc using advice from seasoned professionals.
Career and management advice
March 19
unsung heroes of motorsport     big red camaro sema poster
Ironing Giant one of the unsung heroes of motorsport in this gripping series.
Behind the ironed curtain
February 18
The SEMA Poster
...this is one of those pieces that has been over thirty years in the making.
From drawing board to show floor
December 17
chip foose on The Round Six Podcast     cruising Woodward
The Chip Podcast!
...the guys sit and talk with legendary builder/designer Chip Foose.
Give it a listen here
July 18
Woodward Avenue
...and an exploration of some delicately interconnected things.
Explore my inspiration here
September 15
Max Wedge history     5.7L hemi tuning
The Shrine of Stein
Exploring Stock Eliminator history in a wonderland of Max Wedge goodies
Enjoy a photo tour here
September 15
Miles per Smiles
Squeezing power and efficiency from the 5.7L Hemi with factory parts
Mo' power MOPAR-style
January 18
t-shirt art     marker rendering
V8 Radio Podcast!
A serious talk soon devolves into designing an epic SEMA display
Listen to the magic here
February 15
Marker Time
The analog magic before the digital debauchery and whatnot
Peek behind the scenes
January 15
SEMA Show tips for attendees     ikea meets idiocy
SEMA Show Tips!
A Half-Dozen Tips on Fitting in Where You Obviously Don’t Belong
Help is a click away
November 14
Desk Shopping Zen
Learning to flat-pack rage and near-psychosis without meatballs
Join the Swedish adventure
April 14
speedhunters article     gpt torino
Keith over at popped by for an interview...
Get the whole story here
January 14
GPT Special
Mother's Shine Award, SMOTY, B-J Cup winner and movie star...
See the SEMA Interview here
November 13
learn to draw a musclecar     concept art
Learn to Draw
Exploring the essentials of pencil and marker rendering
Learn the basics here
July 17
Weaving a Tale
Writing the sub-plots and twists that take it beyond just a drawing
Get the whole story here
May 17
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