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A true masterclass on drawing cars from analog to digital techniques .
how to draw lead-in 12.13.2011
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An education in a box.

Occasionally, you make a friend that shares your passions, interests, hobbies and so-on. And on a rare occasion, that friend continually amazes and inspires you, and teaches you along the way.

Such is the case of my friendship with Arvind. The man is an incredibly gifted engineer, designer and artist. A true renaissance man. He's been spending months creating an educational DVD package to share his talents, and has just launched the project on

It's a two-DVD set that is PACKED with knowledge, and at a bargain price.

  how to draw cars dvd package
Let's have Arvind explain it:

The 2 Disc Special Edition DVD set is an introductory course designed to help train you to acquire the fundamental drawing skills taught in some of the most prominent design schools in the country!

It is geared toward two main groups: Hungry design students and aspiring drawing hobbyists serious about accelerating their passion to learn fundamental drawing techniques that can take their own skills to a new level.

arvind render vette

What are you going to get?

Disc 1 Contents
Analog Drawing Techniques – It all starts from the basics! I’ll take you through the process that involves the following:

a. Basic Sketching exercises – training your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work
b. Applying Sketching techniques – learn cross hatching techniques and how to apply them to a sketch
c. Thumbnail sketching – A process used for exploring ideas and subject matter
d. Basics in Reflections – I’ll break down reflections in simple terms and how to apply it to the main rendering.
e. Proportion – You’ll learn the fundamental guidelines for creating realistic looking cars that are well proportioned and balanced
f.  Marker Rendering – You’ll learn how to create a fully detailed marker rendering that incorporates all the principles from the lessons above!

Once you master the above, you can try to create your own renderings like the one below!

arvind marker render

Disc 2 Contents
Digital Drawing Techniques – It’s no secret that many have been curious about using digital mediums to create their own artwork.  That is what we typically use in design studios as it saves on supplies and it’s quicker to execute.

However, these tools will be heavily dependent on mastering disc 1!

arv camaro  

Of course, my fellow disciplined artists, there is more than just the discs themselves such as:

1.  A 20 page Reference Book 
You're not going to be by your computer all the time, so why not take a useful 20 page handbook packed with useful tipsaround with you?


2.  Three Ebooks
a.  Drive Mavens Top Blog posts that will inspire you to take action and draw!
b.  Intro to Value sketching
c.  Intro to Proportions – with printable templates

arv books

3.  Data files that support the contents of the DVD
4.  A drawing schedule to help plan your week to practice the fundamentals.

Here's Arvind explaining the whole course and contents:

A little bit about the man himself:

Automotive Artist/Designer/Engineer. A dad to two beautiful boys, and husband to a wonderful, supportive wife. I have been working in the automotive industry for over 13 years. I run an automotive art and design blog,, that teaches the hobbyist and aspiring designers fundamental drawing techniques that will help you master the art of drawing cars and other transportation subject matter.

Thanks for taking time to check it out, and feel free to click the link above to help make this tremendous package a reality, and to secure your own copy. Thanks, as always for your time!


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