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secrets to success 1.27.2011
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Why your untalented monkey ass is ruining the business, and taking food from your own family's plates. Metaphorically speaking.

After receiving the fourth (yes, FOURTH) awesomely amazing email inviting me, and about a dozen of my closest, dearest friends (well, since these idiots can't figure out how to use the blind carbon copy feature of email, we all must be super close to just share info like that... even if it is creepy and somewhat dirty-feeling to be grouped with a few of these guys) to participate in yet another "contest", where I can, as a working, professional artist, take time to create artwork, on spec, mind you, to essentially GIVE AWAY to this company, taking time from feeding and housing and clothing my family so that they can have a ton of work to select from for their own gain and have it voted on in a grammar school-esque popularity contest, amongst a few others who part-time it and trip over themselves for ANY attention, I have decided to run my own.

I'm calling it a reverse contest, because it will work in direct response to these schmucks who are trolling for free work (do they call those of you that build cars to put one together for free, on spec? do magazines get asked to send free subscriptions to "get their name out there"?? hmmm... ).

The idea is simple enough:

Your company sends me a check, in the amount of $400 and above (it's a fair starting price, based on what a few of these other "contests" ask for, minimum time-wise, but we're hoping more for like $4-5K to really show some effort). I will deposit said checks, and then post a copy of each check on the website, with an interactive form to vote for visitor's favorites. After a month or so, I'll post the winner's check and info, and send the winner a copy of a t-shirt featuring some art that I created using their dough.

As for the non-winners? Fear not! Your money, much like the work you collect in your *ahem* "contests", will be spread around and used for "other considerations", which you'll sign the rights to away freely upon entering, you giver, you.

What's in it for those who enter? By golly, we'll be PUTTING YOUR NAME OUT THERE! Hell, even your address and phone, if it's on the check! (we'll hide account and routing info, if you request... we're givers, too) What an opportunity! And, just throw some modern-day, liberal-type guilt at everyone, any shops or companies out there who don't participate will be made to sound like sticks in the mud, non-team players, and frowned upon. After all, this is a community-building contest here. If you don't love the community, well, you just simply don't participate. You non-community lover, you.

Don't be one of those guys.

So come on, and send your checks today! It's a "great opportunity" to get some "exposure"!


I'm hoping for about 20-30 entries to make this fun, and fill the next update with a bunch of hopeful folks, looking to "make a break in the industry"! Be original, too... a plain background check won't cut it. Get some custom bad-boys made. Kittens, or dragons, or even some semi-generic-looking finned '50's-type car 3D model made by an eleven year-old in a third world country on a kerosene-powered Amiga (on a serious note, that would be so cool, I'd probably crap out an ice cube. If you're a designer working on a kerosene -or goat!- powered Amiga, or Commodore or IIe, send a video of it. We'll support your cause and send some floppys. And food.). Hell, have a kitten eating a dragon off of the hood of that generic-ish '50's car art thing. The bolder, the better! Enter today! Don't wait! Look for the winners soon!

Wait... You have that look. You ask will there truly be any winners? Let's be honest, kids: Giving away what you do for a living (or what you'd love to do for a living) only makes it that much harder in the future to actually charge for it. You have, effectively, ruined your own living by giving work away. Would a shop build you a car for free to "get their name out there"? Hell, call and ask that company if they'll give you free booth space to try and sell what you create as a trade for work. No... no they wouldn't. They probably won't return your e- or voice-mails... They're busy earning a living.

You want to get your name out there? I'll tell you the secret:

WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Put your best work in front of people. Work to improve your art. Make it original (and by that, I mean actually create your own style, not rip off someone else's stuff and plaster it in every forum like you've actually done something, you turd). Make it so damned good that people will LINE UP AROUND THE BLOCK for it. Charge a premium for premium work. Don't be the "I'll beat so-and-so's price" guy, unless you can either match their work, or want to forever be compared with them. If you're trying to get a foothold by being the cheapest, chances are you've either been unable to create anything worth buying, or have no idea how sales and marketing work. If the case is the former, learn your damned job better. Develop a skill set. If it's the latter, get a mentor with some experience. Stay up late. Miss family functions. Ruin your health to chase that dream. Die trying. Never, ever give up. When it looks darkest and as though all is lost, TRY HARDER. Nobody is going to give you anything, because, quite frankly, you've done nothing to deserve it. It sounds mean, sure... It also sounds an awful lot like life. It's a tough game, and you had better come ready to scrap if needed. And these other folks? They'll hit below the belt. Often.

There it is: Never stop, never give up, protect your junk, and by golly, Junior,

NEVER, EVER do it for free.


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