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Welcome to Studio PCK: Take a sneak peek at the baddest '55 Chevy on the planet.
55 chevy headline 1.29.2011
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Restrained madness. It should be the kind of car that people look at three or four times, and STILL find something new.

I've had the pleasure of calling Denny Terzich a friend for a few years now, and had the equal pleasure of working on a few projects with him during that time.

Our latest team effort is this '55 Chevy 210, two-door sedan. It's a dual-purpose car that will feature a Morrison chassis, with the ability to quickly swap the three-link, pro-touring set-up for a drag race-friendly 4-link, and is certain to become one of the wildest Tri-Five street machines on the planet.

Denny has been focused on Drag Week for the past couple of years and will be campaigning the Sick Seconds '69 Camaro throughout the 2011 season. He's been itching to do a full-on SMOTY-build and we're already well underway. The car is unique, not being the typical Camaro/Mustang/Challenger that we've seen compete over the past few years, and seeing that shoeboxes have all been built with suspension upgrades but never done like an all out sports car theme, well, it's a challenge in many ways. We've appraoched this as a "total package" design, making adjustments everywhere for balance.

  street machine 1955 chevy
The '55 will be built with a German sportcar influence, and feature over 1,000 horsepower from the ProCharged LS-based mill. From day one, the focus has been on turning not only incredible 1/4 mile times, but roadcourse numbers that border on a full-tilt exotic.

Starting below, the chassis is an Art Morrison Max G-based unit that will feature a very trick rear suspension, utilizing a three link (with a Watts link) for road racing, and be able to swap easily for two upper links when on the strip. The goal is to bridge that gap which Pro-Touring has opened between all-out straight line performance (where Street Machines originated, mimicking the drag cars of the time) and autocross and cornering, making this an all-around car.

Keep in mind that Denny is the type of guy who thrashes his machines, so this build will only get more fun as it hits pavement!

chopped 55

Body-wise, it's a carnival of retinal delights... As you can see, the top is already seeing an adjustment. No time-wasting here!

Beyond the lid lowering, it's getting angled B-pillars, a subtle tail treatment that will blow your mind, extended rockers, widened wheel openings, side vents, relocated trim, a selective shave, one-off head and tail light bezels, parking lamp housings (used as brake cooling vents), flipped, tucked and sectioned bumpers, rear diffusers, and a host of mild tweaks to keep spectators busy looking.

I opted for a concave wheel design, versus the typical deep-lip, off-the-shelf style that have dominated the genre for years now, not only for the sports car look, but for visual impact. They open a whole world of possibilities, and really bring the theme together.

That all said (or at least hinted at), I broke into this rendering job with some new techniques, and am really enjoying the look... hope you do, too. Much more soon!


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