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2018 Calendar
twelve months of art

A whole YEAR of artsy goodness, complete with all of the days of the year, in the correct order, too.

It's a lot like Instagram, what with the cool pictures and all, but better in that it has a purpose, and doesn't become clouded with stupid comments. Unless of course you write them in there yourself, at which point you only have yourself to blame.

Twelve pieces of art PLUS a cover, all common holidays, plus a few "bonus" dates, just for good measure, so that you'll know when to Hokey-Pokey, and when to –and NOT– turn yourself around. Why? Because it's OUR calendar. But we'll sell you one, and even sign the thing if you'd like. Buy a few and have extra days on hand. Because time might work like that. Who knows? Ask a Physicist and they'll tell you that it's all theoretical nyway. But this calendar, well, it's MATERIAL. Beat that, science.

Or give 'em as gifts and share the wonder of handing someone time. Oooh. That's pretty deep. Use that when you throw this bad boy in their lap. You're welcome.

14.5-inches wide, 23-inches
tall when open,
glossy card stock

$23.99/ea + shipping

  2018 calendar

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